• Support for humanitarian operations domestically and abroad
  • Transportation of people and freight
  • Video and photography flights
  • Procurement of Cineflex camera systems, including an operator
  • VIP flights
  • Film productions
  • Event and touring flights
  • Wedding flights

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  • Fighting forest fires
  • Transport and assembly flights
  • Surveying flights
  • Monitoring flights (electrical and gas line checks)
  • Forestry and agricultural flights


We’ll design your order!

  • Planning and calculations regarding the flight based on your order
  • Provision of suitable helicopters with appropriate equipment
  • Application for all required, official approvals

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Support for humanitarian operations:

  • Flights for USAID following the earthquake in Pakistan in 2006
  • Operations for the United Nations (UN) in Sierra Leone, Macedonia, Liberia and Tajikistan
  • Fire extinguishing operations in Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal
  • Seismic research flights in Africa, Ecuador and Papua-New Guinea


Support for national and international film productions:

Our helicopters can be seen in the following films, among others:

  • Point Break
  • The Expendables
  • Mission Impossible
  • Cliffhanger
  • Spy Game
  • Alarm for Cobra 11 (German TV series)
  • The Clown
  • The Air Rescue Team (German TV series)
  • Behind Enemy Lines



The private pilot license for helicopters

For those seeking private pilot licenses, our flight instructors from Approved Training Organisations (ATO) provide theoretical and practical training using the helicopter model Bell 206 in advanced training facilities and on our in-house airfield XHLN.


Requirements to begin training

In order to start training for a private pilot license, you must be at least 16 years old; to take the test, you must be at least 17 years old. In addition, you must be in good physical shape – certified by an aviation physician in a class 2 medical certificate. 


On your way to the cockpit

Our flight instruction emphasizes practice. In the first 10–15 hours you will learn the subtleties of helicopter control. Soon you will be taking your first solo flights on the airfield and overland. After 45 hours of practical experience, you are authorised to take the test as long as the flight school has determined and documented your readiness.

At the same time as your practical training, we provide theoretical instruction in the following subjects: navigation, meteorology, aerodynamics, human performance, aviation law and general aviation knowledge. Our flight school shall provide the required learning materials for a fee.

After you pass the theoretical and practical test, you will have a private pilot license in accordance with Part FCL with a certification/rating for helicopter model Bell 206.

In cooperation with the Münster/Osnabrück airfield we offer night flight certification as an add-on!

We will be happy to provide information in a non-binding consultation at our flight school! Get an impression and learn about our flight operations, our helicopter and our airfield.

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