Spare Parts

Our experienced team provides support in the following areas:

  • 24/7 Logistics and Transport Service (with our own drivers and equipment)
  • AOG Service at
  • Quick processing of freight and customs procedures

Please select the spare parts you need and send us your inquiry.

Part Number Description Condition
071-1216-12 Nav Control Kfs-564 OH
100-145-5-6 Pin NE
100-146-6-12 Pin NE
10961 Knob Vs3836 For Fischer Seat NE
120-151-4-20 Screw NE
120-179-18A Cork NE
150-021-64B3-4 Sheet Repair NE
18-1732-1 Course Indicator OH
20-031-8-14 Filler Block NE
204-030-662-006 Support NE
204-030-662-037S Support L/H NE
204-030-853-038A Skin Pilot Door Rh NE
204-032-109-102 Hinge Half NE
204-040-386-001 Case Assy OH
204-070-527-001 Support Assy NE
205-030-293-002S Track NE
205-030-370-015 Gusset NE
205-030-540-001 Seal NE
205-030-708-143S Web NE
205-030-733-021 Attachment NE
205-030-845-193S Support NE
205-031-332-011A Floor Panel Assy OH
205-032-705-001 Striker NE
205-032-706-001 Shim NE
205-032-708-001 Plate NE
205-032-726-011 Gusset L/H NE
205-032-820-115S Doubler NE
205-032-820-116S Doubler NE
205-032-854-023S Rib NE
205-062-619-001 Tube Assy NE
205-070-406-017 Insulation NE
205-070-426-001 Gasket NE
205-070-457-007 Duct Assy NE
205-070-487-001 Tube Assy NE
206-001-218-107 Pin Assy NE
206-001-721-001 Spring NE
206-010-454-113 Sleeve Assy NE
206-020-113-173S Cap Apl NE
206-031-301-129S Support NE
206-031-301-130S Support NE
206-031-311-001S Fitting NE
206-040-089-003 Cover NE
206-040-351-003 Spacer NE
206-040-570-101 Spacer Ring OH
206-062-304-101 Retainer Assy NE
206-070-266-009 N1 Gas Producer OH
206-070-589-001 Heel Rest Assy NE
206-070-589-003 Heel Rest Assy NE
206-075-188-001 Oil Temp. & Press. In OH
206-075-189-001 Fuel Qty. Indicator OH
206-075-659-001 Tube Assy NE
206-362-002-101 Cap & Adapter NE
212-010-413-101 Liner NE
212-030-084-015S Skin NE
212-030-100-018S Stringer NE
212-030-121-037S Retainer NE
212-030-128-167B Longeron NE
212-030-139-001 Fitting NE
212-030-163-085 Attachment NE
212-030-163-091 Attachment NE
212-030-163-101 Attachment NE
212-030-163-141 Filler NE
212-030-163-285S Web NE
212-030-164-191 Stiffener NE
212-030-499-001 Retainer NE
212-040-151-005 Gear Assy OH
212-060-803-015A Louver 412 NE
212-061-207-223 Gasket NE
212-062-504-001 Cap and Adapter Assy NE
212-070-160-005 Dual Torque Indicator OH
212-073-129-001 Plenum NE
212-075-418-003 Linear Actuator OH
212-076-358-001 Tube Assy NE
212-076-614-101 Tube Assy NE
212-540-002-103 Transmission OH
212-961-051-105 Doubler NE
214-040-125-101 Bearing SV
214-066-065-001 Retainer NE
222-366-621-105 Fuel Filter Assy NE
30-016A8 Clamp NE
3011519 Gasket NE
3022373 Seal NE
31-065-2400GD1 Decal NE
35-62320-0005-1 Retainer Plate NE
3567758-6503 Torque Transmitter SV
393004-051 Fuel Qty. Indicator SV
393004-051 Fuel Quantity Indicator SV
4020936-904 Tarsyn Gyro 3-Axis Assy OH
412-010-413-105P Sleeve NE
412-030-337-103 Support Assy NE
412-030-379-101 Panel Assy SV
412-040-113-101 Plug NE
412-040-123-101 Brake, Rotor Quill OH
412-040-635-101 Coupling SV
412-070-552-115 Blanket Assy NE
412-070-552-139 Blanket Assy NE
412-070-702-101 Fitting Assy NE
412-073-820-101 Tube Assy NE
412-704-050-103A Firewall Mod NE
412AC-5048-P26 Tube, Air Condition NE
70-061H000V066A Hose Assy NE
70-061H000V202A Hose Assy NE
70-061K000V334A Hose Assy NE
80-007-09-4 Insert NE
96774-18-1842-7 Torque Transmitter OH
D3489-3-200 Pip Pin NE
D407-797-311 Heli Access Step NE
EA470-3587 Tank Unit SV
MS20392-1S13 Pin NE
XW21172-2 Wiper Motor Assy L/H OH