As a partner of and in cooperation with Bell Helicopter Textron, we offer various trainings:

  • Theoretical and practical training with regard to Bell models 205/206/206L/407/212/412, Bell Helicopter Training School (recognised by EASA Part 147)
  • Training programme for aircraft mechanics (recognised by the IHK – German Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
  • Practicum

English-speaking instructors lead these training sessions at our company, taken generally by technicians from all over the world. Detailed visual materials are used to support the training. With the help of our certified, specialised personnel, you can complete the practical elements of the training directly on the desired aircraft in our Part 145 company.

For technicians with an initial model certification in a Part 66 license we offer:

  • On the job training (OJT) for Bell models and AB 212/412

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In our training facility for obtaining certification/rating with respect to certain models, we offer the following for both private and professional pilots:

  • Initial model certifications/ratings in accordance with FCL.725 (a) for Bell 206, Bell 204/205, Bell 212 and Bell 412 refresher courses in accordance with AMC1 FCL.740 (B) (1) for Bell 206, Bell 204/205, Bell 212 and Bell 412
  • Training regarding differences in accordance with FCL.710
  • Extension and renewal of model certifications/ratings and
  • Check flights
  • Theory courses
  • Preparation course for initial rating/certification for two-engine helicopter models

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For information regarding training to become a private pilot in accordance with Part FCL, see Flight Instruction